Integrating a RadioRA 2 Lighting System to a Leviton Controller, Controller Firmware 3.4



Leviton Omni and Lumina family controllers support two-way integration with the Lutron RadioRA 2 lighting system. Individual lights can be directly controlled and lighting scenes can be triggered by the Leviton controller. Lutron Sivoia QS shades may also be controlled through the RadioRA 2 system. The Leviton controller monitors RadioRA 2 devices and can respond to changes in the RadioRA 2 system.




Each Leviton controller lighting unit can be associated with a corresponding RadioRA 2 device. RadioRA 2 lights can be turned on, turned off, brightened, dimmed, set to a specific level, or toggled on/off.




Lutron Sivoia QS shades are controlled similarly to dimmers. Shades can be turned on (opened), turned off (closed), brightened (more open), dimmed (less open), set to a specific level, or toggled on/off.




The Leviton controller allows scenes to be controlled by simulating the press of a button on a RadioRA 2 keypad, pressing a virtual or “phantom” button in the RadioRA 2 system, or activating a scene on a GRAFIK Eye QS scene controller.


RadioRA 2 keypads are preprogrammed so that each keypad button controls one or more dimmers or switches. Each button can be programmed to either toggle the devices between the preset levels and off or to always set the devices to the preset levels. When the Leviton controller issues a button press command, it will be the same as if someone pressed that button on the physical keypad. This can be an issue when the controller issues a command to control a group of lights by pressing a button, since if the button is set to toggle the Leviton controller doesn’t know if it is turning the lights on or off.


To set up a lighting scene that the Leviton controller can always activate, it is best to use a “phantom” button in the RadioRA 2 system. Phantom buttons do not correspond to buttons on a physical keypad, but they can be programmed like a physical button. Set up the phantom button to always set the devices to the preset levels (not toggle). Now when the Leviton controller presses the phantom button, the devices will always go to the programmed levels.


The Leviton controller can also issue scene commands to GRAFIK Eye QS scene controllers that are part of the RadioRA 2 system. HAI scenes A-L correspond to scenes 1-12 in the GRAFIK Eye QS, respectively.




The Leviton controller queries the RadioRA 2 system for the state of all lights upon controller start-up. The Leviton controller also monitors the RadioRA 2 system for changes for real-time updating of status. A change in the state of a RadioRA 2 device triggers an event in the Leviton controller that can be used in automation programming. The Leviton controller can respond to changes in the on/off state of a unit or to a button being pressed on a RadioRA 2 keypad.




The Leviton controller connects to the RadioRA 2 Main Repeater using a Model 36A05-4 Serial Connectivity Adapter Kit. Set the Serial Function for the serial port on the controller to RadioRA 2.


Alternately, the Leviton 10A17-1 Serial Expander may be used to connect the Main Repeater. In this case, a straight-through  DB-9 male-to-female cable must be used between the controller and the Main Repeater. Set the Expander Type for the desired controller expander address to RadioRA 2.


Set the House Code Format for the desired units in the Leviton controller to RadioRA 2.


Each RadioRA 2 device is assigned an integration ID by the RadioRA 2 system. The integration IDs may be viewed from the “IDs” tab of the “Settings | Integration” menu item in the RadioRA 2 configuration software.   Using PC Access software, enter the integration ID for each device into the “Node ID” field for the corresponding PC Access unit. It is not necessary to assign a unit for the Main Repeater.




RadioRA 2 is supported by Omni LT, Omni II, Omni IIe, OmniPro II, Lumina, and Lumina Pro systems. The systems must be utilizing controller firmware 3.4 or later.


Omni LT supports 16 RadioRA 2 devices. Omni II, Omni IIe, and Lumina support 64 RadioRA 2 devices. OmniPro II and Lumina Pro support 100 RadioRA 2 devices.