Controlled Recetpacle Decals and Imprinted Receptacles

To comply with New Energy Codes Requiring Receptacle Control or Plug Load Control, Leviton is pleased to introduce our new Marked Controlled Receptacles & Wallplates Decals!


Leviton offers several solutions to help comply with the new marking regulations:

• Wallplate Decals:

o For the most economical retrofit application, these decals

allow you to mark existing receptacle wallplates with the required symbol, and the word “CONTROLLED” (optional) for easy identification. Decals use a UL approved material for marking and labeling.

• Imprinted Receptacles:

o For new construction and renovation applications, we are launching both standard duplex tamper-resistant receptacles and Decora® receptacles incorporating both the word “CONTROLLED” and the universal control symbol permanently printed on the face cover.

o For each receptacle platform, there is the option to have only half of the receptacle marked (-1P)…and the device will be supplied with the hot terminal breakoff tab removed.