• Sharing a Neutral wire may cause improper operation.

    In the troubleshooting it mentions that sharing a neutral wire may cause improper operation, what does this mean?   I have a timer wired as seen in the attached image and it does not turn on, the LED does not li...
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  • Wiring LTB60-1LZ does not work, stops other switch

    I have a bathroom with a three-switch panel (left: vanity lights, middle: bathroom fan light, right: bathroom fan). I wanted to install a LTB60-1LZ for the fan so I connected it as follows:   - Neutral: connecte...
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  • How to wire LTB60 3 way with load in middle?

    I am trying to wire a LTB60 timer switch and a VP0SR remote switch with the load (a bathroom fan) in the middle of the run.  I can't find a diagram for that configuration. Can anyone help? The line power comes in...
    created by Wade Jerome
  • LTB60-1LZ for hot tub

    We have gone through many of the twist knob style of timers for our hotel hot tub. The guests force them off thus breaking them. We would like the push button style like the LTB60-1LZ. The hot tub does have an emergen...
    created by Don Wilson
  • model VPT24-1P

    Cet interrupteur fonctionnait depuis 8 mois et soudainement les lumières extérieures (60 watts) ne s'allument plus . Même en mode prioritaire (icône clignote) pas de lumière allumées. ...
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  • Problem with VPT24-1PZ Always switching to off mode

    I have programmed my timer with one schedule to turn the lights on and off at the specified times (Turn on 6pm, turn off 12am).  With the timer set to auto mode, at the end of each program period, the timer switc...
    created by Donald Szeto
  • Can't figure out how to wire VPT24-1PZ with Matching Remote

    I am trying to replace two existing 3-pole switches with a Leviton vizia+ (VPT24-1PZ) along with a Matching Switch Remote (VP0SR-1LZ) but have been unsuccessful.  I can get the switch screen to power up but it st...
    created by Stan W
  • VPT24-1P makes loud clicking sounds and the light blinks on and off rapidly.

    I installed a VPT24-1P and now light is very dim and when I turn it off it blinks rapidly and the switch makes a loud clicking sound. When I leave it on, after a few minutes it will also blink on and off rapidly. I am...
    created by Shawn Haley
  • VPT24 as a 3-way replacement

    I am trying to use the VPT24-1P to replace an existing 3-way switch.  My existing switch, and the mate, are both 3-way toggle switches.  They have a Red, Black, Green and White connected to them, with a sepa...
    created by Ed Pryor
  • Help installing VPT24-1P Timer switch

    THis is what I am seeing inside my box in the wall -   A copper ground wire   A black wire A red wire   on this new unit I see the following   green wire - I am pretty certain this connects to...
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  • Can the 6161T control a fan?

    Can the 6161T control a fan?
  • vpt24-1p installation, power from light

    What is the wiring sequence when power is coming from the light. I have a 14/2 wire coming into the swicth box. the white wire coming into the switch box shows power. My timer has a black line wire, a white neutral wi...
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  • How do I wire a LTB15 timer to control a bath fan in a bath fan/ furnace interlock circuit?

    created by Kirk Schroter
  • LTB30s in 3-way wiring

    Is there a design that shows two LTB30s in parrell used as a 3-way feeding a load. Is there a need to connect the YL/RD wire
    created by Oscar D
  • VPT24-1P Timer goes into permanent override after end of event

    Hello,   I programmed one event to turn on the porch lights daily from sundown to 11pm in PRO mode. But the timer automatically jumps to permanent override every night after the lights go off at the preset time ...
    created by Kan Law
  • Programmable Timer Switches (6124H) wired in one of the 3 way switch?

    Can Programmable Timer Switches (6124H) wired in one of the 3 way switch? if yes, please provide wiring diagram, thank you.   Rtseng
    created by robon tseng
  • VPT24-1P

    VPT24-1P  Replacing a mechanical light timer which connected solely to a hot lead and the load lead (for lighting only).  Wired the new timer per diagram - hot box lead to black; box load lead to red; box ne...
    last modified by Frank McElroy
  • Problem VPT24 timer

    Hi, I have a problem with the VPT24 timer. After installing, the indicator led doesn't turn on and nothing appears on the screen. After measuring the voltage between line and neutral (black and white), it shows 130 ...
    created by Vishal Baidjoe
  • timer switch and GFCI

    I bought a 6124H-W electronic timer switch a couple of years ago.  I have a circuit that runs from the house to the street with a post light, outlet, and low-voltage transformer feeding some path lights, and want...
    created by HDB2000
  • LTB30 Timer Installation for Bathroom Fan

    Hi guys,   I purchased a Leviton LTB30 and tried to installed it for my bathroom fan. However I'm confused by my bathroom fan wiring. I'm not sure if this is a 3 way or single pole configuration. This is the e...
    created by Patrick Wang