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    Surbhi Sharma
    created by Surbhi Sharma
  • Problems with Leviton VPT24

    i just had a new Leviton vpt24 installed, but for some reason it isnt controlling my light that i hooked it up to. Also, the backlight wont illuminate. Any ideas?
    last modified by Greg Noll
  • Wiring Leviton LTB60-1LZ into existing 4 Gang Bathroom switch

    I am trying to install a LTB60-1LZ countdown timer into a 4 gang box.  The box is in a bathroom and near a GFCI outlet.  The switch I am replacing is a 2 wire, single speed motor control for a fan.  The...
    created by Dave McManus
  • How to get into MOdE

    When I press set and Override the timer will not go into rst.  I DEL flashes and when it stops blinking I let go and the clock comes onto the LCD display. I can't get the timer in PRO mode of operation. How do ...
    last modified by Brian Kiley
  • VPT24-1PZ Astronomical Program not working

    Hello,   We've purchased a VPT24-1PZ timer to drive the exterior lights on our building.  A picture of the box is below.     The installation seems correct.  When pressing the toggle cover...
    last modified by Michael Wolffs
  • VPT24-1P Battery to Leviton Customer Support

    My battery backup has never worked on my timer.  I get a number of short momentary power outages in my area of Houston and I have to go through a complete re-program.  It's apparent that I have a defective t...
    created by David Whisenhunt
  • LT113 Tethered Remote not working

    I have two Leviton LT113-10W timer switches with tethered remotes and after about a year both remotes are no longer working. Is this a known problem?  Is it possible to get replacement switches? thanks ...
    last modified by John Hart
  • VPT24-1p won't enter Pro mode

    How can I set the unit to Pro mode?  It seems to be set in Std and there seems to be no way to change it.  Does anyone have a tip?  I'm pretty frustrated that there's nothing on this in the user guide, ...
    created by Jeffrey Patton
  • VPT24 issue. stopped working few hours after installation

        Hi, I just purchased today a VPT24 switch, installed it, got it working. A friend of mine came to see me and few hours later, went to check the nice job I did....   The switch doesn't have lc...
    last modified by simon riviere
  • Low light intensity with Leviton timer

    I installed a Leviton timer at home this weekend and all looked good, got everything hooked up and programmed, but when the lights turned on they did not have full intensity, it looked like they only had about 50% of ...
    created by Francois Guite
  • LTB30 Electronic Timer with 6674-P Dimmer: wiring?

    BLUF:  The timer only works when the dimmer is turned off.   Situation:  I have a double-gang box in my bathroom that contains the dimmer (bathroom lights) and timer (bathroom fan) mentioned in the sub...
    created by Matt Boniface
  • Vizia timer VPT24-00W

    HI people, THought I would give this a shot here... i just bought two leviton vizia VPT24-00W switches.   I would like to deter vandals on weekend nights, so I would like my lights to stay on longer on those...
    created by Joe Estrela
  • Leviton Vizia

    Is there any way to keep the screen lit on all the time? -Thanks in advance!
    created by Greg Fuebig
  • Unable to Switch to Pro Mode

    I installed in STD mode and then realized I should have done in PRO to use sun up / sun down. How can I switch to PRO?   I tried holding SET and then OVERRIDE and get "del" flashing but no "rst" flashing.  ...
    created by Peter Arnburg
  • Problem when installing VPT24-1P

    I am trying to install a Leviton VPT24-1P Digital Timer Switch: Hi I'm trying to install the timer swtich on the right most light switch of a 3-light switch electric box. ---------------------------------------------...
    last modified by Kevin Chan
  • Setting on off time correctly

    This should be fairly simple. I want the lights to come on at sunset everyday, this seems fairly straightforward. I Wat the lights to turn off at the same time everyday, say 2am and not sunrise. How would I progra...
    created by Carl Seedhouse
  • VPT24-1PZ Timer Mode

    How to proceed to program VPT24-1PZ in timer mode
  • Can two LTB60-1LZ switches be installed in a 3-Way configuration

    Can two LTB60-1LZ switches be installed in a 3-Way configuration, one in each bathroom, to operate a central fan, and if so, what does the wiring diagram look like?
    created by Oliver Harte
  • Programming the VPT24-1P

    I have successfully installed & programmed my VPT24-1P, in PRO mode for automatic turn on at sundown and turnoff at sunup, but the "temporary override when flashing" is flashing.  Why and what does that mean?...
    created by Marisa Lino
  • VPT24 with a Dimmer Switch??

    I would like to use a VPT24 to control some incandescent lights that are now on a dimmer switch. But I also want to keep the dimmer function. Obviously, the VT24 does not contain a dimmer.   Question: Can I wire...
    created by Michael Bauer