• Leviton Grades vs Retail

    I know this has been asked but a definitive answer was not provided. Leviton grades receptacles as: Residential Commercial Industrial Home Depot grades receptacles as: Standard Preferred Professional.   I...
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  • 3 white 3 black wires to 4 wire receptacle

    I am replacing all wall receptacles in our house.  Usually I find 1 black, 1 white and a ground wire or 2 white and 2 black.  The receptacles have space for 2 white and 2 black either pushed in or connected ...
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  • Combining Arc-Fault and Ground-Fault

    My house was built around 1940, and the electrical system has been added onto piecemeal over the years. A few years ago I had a new HVAC system installed, and at that time had the service upgraded to 200 Amps and had ...
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  • Receptacle Wiring and Pass-Thru

    Back in the old days, I had always heard that if you needed to install two duplex receptacles in a double-wide box you had to use a wire nut to connect the incoming hot wire to two short "pigtail" wires, and then atta...
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  • Different Grades of Leviton Wiring Devices

    My local Home Depot carries three grades of Leviton wiring devices: Standard, Preferred, and Professional; I usually use the Pro because I like the back wiring and because they seem more robust. The Leviton site and ...
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  • Do the USB charging receptacles draw power?

    Hi,   Do the USB charging receptacles draw any vampire power when there is no device plugged in?  I have been looking for one that draws no power.  I heard that these outlets, plus the ones from Cooper...
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  • 22R28 Receptacle

    Does the 22R28 Receptacle come with a gasket? If not, what is the recommended sealant to use for waterproofing it's attachment. Since these are designed to use in a shipyard where heavy salts play a part in corrosio...
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  • USB Charger/Tamper Resistant Outlet cat. no T5630 idle current draw?

    Does anyone know if there is any load or electricity consumption for Cat. no. T5630 device when nothing is plugged into it? Most phone or computer chargers draw a little current even when the associated device is not ...
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  • Triple receptacle question

    I am replacing my receptacles with the triple Acenti AC315-E.  However, my current circuit has two live wires and one neutral.  The AC315-E only has two connections and the wiring diagram is for one live and...
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  • Orientation of Hospital Grade outlets?

    I see from the Leviton brochures that the ground pin is shown on top for the hospital grade outlets.  Is this a hard or strictly followed implementation when these are installed?  From what I can see there i...
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  • Hospital Grade pass through?

    Do hospital grade receptacle/outlet pass throughs exist?  I'm looking for assistance on a design that would be plugged into a hospital outlet, but want to provide a receptacle so I don't use up the outlet.  ...
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  • 15A/125V duplex receptacle - 15A each socket/30A total, or 15A total?

    For example, if I have 15A receptacles with #12 wiring and a 20A breaker, can I plug two 10A devices into one receptacle?
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  • Part number

    What is the Leviton part number for the Enclosure that is compatible with 1254-Hw receptacle?
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  • Maximum number of connections to a back wired receptacle

    Hi,   I'm using BR15 back & side wired receptacles in the back wired configuration. What is the maximum number of approved connections "per screw" for this receptacle when used in the *back wire* configurati...
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  • Are Leviton "preferred" receptacles Fed. Spec grade?

    Such as the BR15.  It says "spec grade" at the bottom  but what exactly does this mean?  I don't see the F(UL)S logo I expect to see on WC-596 rated outlets..       &n...
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  • Can the 12650 be used with copper wire?

    Can the 12650 be used with copper wire?
  • CR Devices

    Can you use stranded wire with our CR devices?
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