• How to wire 2 power packs to be controlled by 1 low voltage switch and 1 occupancy sensor

    I have a small room with 6 lights on 2 circuits.  They are controlled by 1 ceiling mt occupancy sensor and 1 low voltage momentary switch (manual on, auto off)  The builder had originally installed 2 OSP20-R...
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  • IPS06 Manual Override

    Hello,   I bought the Leviton IPS06 as a motion activated light control for my garage.  I installed it on a 3-Way circuit.   95% of the time, I only need the lights to illuminate for less than 5 minu...
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  • Occupancy Sensor to turn on extractor fan

    Hi -   I would like to use an occupancy sensor to turn on an extractor fan when someone goes in to use the restroom and then automatically turn it off some 20-30 minutes, after they're leave. If so, which one wo...
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  • OSP20-RD0 Relay Failure

    I am having issues with failures of the occ sensor power pack OSP20-RD0. The relays were installed two and a half years ago and were under warranty for the first year. I didn't notice the problem until after the warra...
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  • Occupancy sensor with permanent on/off override

    Hello,   I need occupancy sensor that supports manual on/off mode in a way when the "on" is selected, then only manual "off" selection will turn it off. Most models I reviewed come with ON button, but the sensor...
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  • Ceiling sensor

    Can i use a ODC0S-I1W ceiling sensor in a garage that may go below 32 degrees a few times in the winter?  Will it work with LED lighting?
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  • OSC20-M0W

    I hav e this sensor on a small room 12 x12 ft but it keeps shutting itself off even with a large number of people in the room, can someone please advise why this is happening? I thought that a sensor with this large ...
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  • Dimming Occupancy Sensor problem

    Hi Guys,   I've bought two Leviton IPSD6-1LZ 600-Watt Incandescent, 150-Watt LED/CFL Dimming Occupancy Sensor (Auto ON/Auto OFF), Single Pole or 3-Way. Trying to use them to control our kitchen cabinets light. ...
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  • Concerned....not satisfied.

    I recently installed 2 single pole motion detectors.   One worked well and as expected after adjustment both in time on and light sensitivity.  It has now quit...I have no continuity indication; the bli...
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  • The ambient light control in my IPS06 occupancy sensor doesn't seem to work properly

    I bought and installed an IPS06 occupancy sensor switch, but it is turning the light on no matter how bright the room is. If I adjusted the ambient light control dial to 0, then the light is not turning on at all, eve...
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  • Leviton ODS-15 keep working even in a day light

    Dear All, Recently i bought 20 pcs of Leviton ODS-15 for my house. Everything is working alright. But it keep working even in the day light. I've tried set the light control switch to as low as possible near the ...
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  • IPS06 light level adjustment

    I just installed ips06 on the front door entrance which has big oval glass. I am having a problem adjusting light level. At night, it won't turn on, so I just increased a bit. Then at 9:00 am in the morning it turns o...
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  • How would I set a 'IPS02' motion activated light control switch, for use in bathroom?

    I just had electrician install a fan/light unit in my bathroom and it is controlled by the IPS02 switch. When I walk in the unit (fan/light) turns ON, like it should. But when I took a shower the unit kept turning off...
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  • IPS15 3-way without sensing at remote location

    Hi, I have an L-shaped hallway with switches at both ends (3-way) and I'd like to use an IPS15 at one end to turn the lights on and off.  Unfortunately the switch at the other end faces a main living area.  ...
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  • Three way dimming with a Occupany Switch

    I have two overhead cans in a kitchen with (2) Cree 65 watt equivalent (9.5w) LED floods.   At present, they are controlled by (1) old dimmer switch (20 years old) but is working without any flashing.   I ...
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  • Can't fine tune light level on IPS06

    I was trying to adjust light level, so that it wouldn't turn lights ON when the room is already light enough. I was adjusting dial in range  0..1, closer to 1 than to 0. The problem was that once I set light le...
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  • If there is sufficient daylight in an area, will the occupancy sensor still automatically turn the lights on?

    No, the Leviton IPS05, IPSD6, IPS06 and IPS15 occupancy sensors incorporate an Ambient Light Override setting which, when enabled, will prevent the sensors from switching the lights on when there is ample daylight.
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  • ODS10-IDx

    Wired up a few no issues.. tried one area of the Hotel and couldn't get to work, tried 4 different (New) switches. Breaker turned off, Black to hot (120V) Blue to Load (Fluorescent), grounded to box (checked with Mete...
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  • Can 2 of the IPS15 Occupancy Switches be used in the same circuit. 1 at top of stairs 1 at bottom?

    I have a stairway that I want to have occupancy switches at the top and also at the bottom.  The stairway is L-Shaped and 1 sensor can't see the occupant in both places.  Will the IPS15-1LZ (which is for 3-w...
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  • 002-ods10-idw -

    I am testing a few switches. And they turn on for 1.5 second every 20 seconds then turn off. They are properly grounded.   Any advice?
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