• Switching Photocell Daylighting Solution Sheet

    Please always check for the latest version of this document at https://www.leviton.com/ (use the site search)   Switching Photocell Daylighting Solution Sheet   https://www.leviton.com/en/docs/Solution_She...
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  • What is the difference between an occupancy sensor and a vacancy sensor?

    An occupancy sensor automatically turns the lights or motor load ON when motion is detected within the sensor viewing range and automatically turns the lights/motor load OFF after a designated time elapses when the ro...
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  • LED Lighting and a motion sensor?

    Does LED lighting work with any motion sensor switch? If so which one? If not .. why not?         Learn more about Leviton occupancy sensors and vacancy sensors at https://www.leviton.com/sensors
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  • PS200-1FW - can switch LED bulbs ?  Upper line Limit?

    I live in Mexico and its been practically a near death experience trying to get my motion sensors working:   Problem 1:  Nominal line voltage in Mexico is 127 VAC and I'm at high line. .   There i...
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  • Looking for a solution to use an occupancy sensor for stairwell lighting

    Hello,   I'm looking for a solution to a light switch problem I am having with the stairwell that goes from the main floor to the upper floor in my home.  Currently, I have an occupancy sensor (I believe it...
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  • IPS02 Keeps Turning on Immediately After Turning off

    Hi, I recently purchased an LED light fixture (14inch dimmable LED ceiling light made by Lights Of America, model 4100DE-MG3) to replace my existing bare bulb incandescent light fixture in my garage.  After insta...
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  • occupancy sensor for stairs

    Hi,     Im looking for a switch for stairs. There is currently only a switch at the top of the stairs and I would like to change this to an occupancy sensor and add a similar switch at the bottom.  I ...
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  • IPS02 turns on immediately after turning off

    I just installed an IPS02 motion activated light control in my pantry. It worked properly a few times, but then started turning itself back on as soon as it went off. If I turn it off manually it will stay off, but th...
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  • Using 2 Occupancy Sensors as 3-way Switches?

    Right now I have a stairwell light that is controlled by a 3-way switch at the top of the stairs and another at the bottom of the stairs.   I wanted to be able to install occupancy sensors at the top and bottom ...
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  • Trouble with motion sensor

    I need help, please: I just installed an 002-ODS10-IDW switch; the switch won't work manually, and the motion detector doesn't work.  A red light flashes approximately every second.  Do I have a faulty switc...
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  • IPSD6 with 3 way switch

    I suspect I have mis-wired the switches, but they passed my double check inspection.I am finding the occupancy switch only operates when the second three way switch is in one position. When the 3 way switch is in the ...
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  • Dollars and Sensors Video

    Here is a link to the video! Dollars & Sensors - YouTubess
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  • Provolt "ODC" Occupancy Sensor How To Videos

    Here is a link to the videos! Leviton Provolt Sensors - YouTube
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  • 208V instage of 120V or 277V

    I would like to address my query to LEVITON Administrator Admin   Instead of 120V or 277V (L-N) the existing supply voltage for the existing lighting fixture is 208V.   Is 208V supply voltage applicable to...
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  • ceiling occupancy senor

    engineer specified a OSCO5-MOW to be installed in a large doctors office waiting room.this is a 24/7 office,and the lights are going off while they are open for business.what is the best fix?
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  • IPS06 Occupancy Sensor

    I just installed a IPS06 occupancy switch in a bathroom controlling a 15watt fluorescent bulb and a small ceiling fan. when the switch is allowed to de-energize the circuit when switch senses an occupant and energizes...
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  • IPS02 / Motion detector active but not working?

    So I have the IPS02 installed and grounded it by using a grounding screw to the metal box (old house, box stuck behind tiles).   Well. I sorta verified the ground is working properly with a simple voltage teste...
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  • Do the sensors work with LED or CFL bulbs?

    Yes, Leviton's relay based sensors are compatible with all LED and CFL bulbs.  The Leviton dimming sensors are tested to be compatible with most major manufacturers dimmable LED and dimmable CFL bulbs.
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  • PR180 not turning fully off when in auto.

    I recently replaced all of my compact fluorescents with LESs after a small fire from one of my CFLs. In my rear entrance of my house i have a PR180 and replaced my CFL with an LED  as well.  Now I've notic...
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  • IPS02 motion detection not working

    Hi, I just installed a IPS02 Motion Detection single pole switch to detect motion and turn on the lights in my Garage. The switch works fine in the manual mode and the light in the motion detector flashes green ever...
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