• "A" Wiring Standard

    Has Leviton considered offering an "A" only wiring standard for Cat 6 jacks.
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  • What colors are cat6 shielded connectors available in? 6S180-SH6

    Cat6 connectors are made out of a metal material and are available in only a metal finish to maintain there shielded properties.  
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  • Patch Panel Product Application Note

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  • POE info

    Question :   Can 28V DC c be placed and operate in the same conduits as data?   Answer :   Within the context of the "distribution system" the United States National Electrical Code (NEC) defines ...
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  • Definition of: 10/100 Ethernet

    10/100 Ethernet     The local area network commonly used in many companies and  homes. The 10/100 refers to 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps, the two data rates in widespread use. The first Ethernet networks ra...
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  • What is the longest distance you can run a cat6 cabling?

    TIA specifies 90 meters (295 feet) as the maximum permanent link length and 100 meters (328 feet) for maximum channel length( this length also includes patch cables at either end of the connection) . The standards do ...
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  • How is Network Performance Measured?

    When measuring a computer networks performance its common to use units of bits per second (bps).  Networks support very large numbers of bits per second. Instead of quoting 10,000 bps or 100,000 bps, networkers n...
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  • Can CAT5E patch cords be used with a CAT6 backbone cabling?

    Cat 5e patch cords can be used with in a Cat6 network cabled infrastructure. This is one of the advantages of CAT 6 in that it is backward compatible. However, the resultant channel will be rated Cat 5e, because a cha...
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  • Why shouldn't I skip Cat6 and go straight to optical fiber?

    Youcan skip cat6 and go straight to fiber but it would be very expensive. Usually budgets determine users choices, today optical fiber  with optical transceivers needed for residential equipment is about twice as...
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  • Will cat6 ever replace Cat5e?

    Yes, just as Cat5 replaced cat3, Cat6 will replace Cat5e. Technology and network infrastructure demands are constantly growing, this means home and business owners are needing their data systems to work faster and fas...
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  • Why do I need all the bandwidth of Category 6? Nothing in my house requires 200 MHz of bandwidth.

    Bandwidth comes before data rates just like freeways come before traffic. Adding more bandwidth is like adding more lanes on a highway. If you look at how the demand for bandwith has grown over the past few years you ...
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  • What is the difference between Transmission and Communication?

    Transmission is a physical movement of information and concern issues like bit polarity, synchronisation, clock etc.   Communication means the meaning full exchange of information between two communication medi...
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  • What is 10Base T?

    10BaseT is an Ethernet term meaning a maximum transfer rate of 10 Megabits per second that uses baseband signaling and twisted pair cabling.
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  • What colors are cat6 quickport connectors available in?

    Cat6 connectors are available in a variety of colors.
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  • Can I use CAT5e wire with CAT6 jacks?

    I have CAT5e wire in my walls already and got a deal on a bunch of CAT6 jacks, will it cause any issues if i use CAT6 jacks with CAT5e wire?
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