• Can a Structured Media Enclosure be ceiling mounted?

    What is required to do this? The application is the Secure PON system.
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  • GPON Solution?

    Does Leviton offer a GPON solution? If so, what products are offered?
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  • Splice casettes in Vertigo?

    Can the Vertigo 49280-AP6 or 49280-AP3 accept Opt-x adapter/splice cassette modules such as the SPLCS or SPSCS?
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  • Splice sleeves - maximum fiber size?

    What is the largest fiber the Leviton splice sleeves can accept?
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  • Splicing inside Vertigo enclosure?

    Is there an option to splice fiber inside a Vertigo enclosure?
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  • MTP-MTP Patch Cord Polarity

    How does polarity work for a MTP to MTP fiber patch cord?
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  • What color are your MTP boots?

    There is a standard for MTP boot colors. Leviton has chosen to adopt red, black and grey.   Red- 24 Fiber MTP Black- 12 Fiber MTP Grey- 8 Fiber MTP
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  • When is appropriate to select LC adapters with shutters?

    In the configuration of cassettes for Opt-X there is the option of LC and LC with shutters. What is "LC with shutters" and when should they be recommended?
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  • In what type of environment is a pulling eye recommended on a fiber trunk?

    In what type of environments should a pulling eye be recommended?
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  • Zipcord or round cable for fiber patch cords / jumpers?

    For fiber patch cords, there is an option for round cable or zipcord. When would you recommend one or the other?
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  • Removing Opt-X Ultra doors

    What is the best way to remove the doors of the Opt-X Ultra fiber enclosures?
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  • How to remove cover on Opt-X Ultra?

    What is the preferred way of removing the cover from the Opt-X Ultra enclosure?
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  • Splice modules

    Does Leviton offer a combo adapter plate/splice tray option, or do the pieces have to be purchased separately?
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  • Fiber tapping

    A customer is requesting fiber tapping into their 12 fiber MTP trunk system, i.e. take a 12 fiber MTP and break out into 24 fiber LC. Can that be done?
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  • Unity 40/100g Fiber System - Info

    The Leviton 40/100g migration path can be built using a 24 fiber MTP or 2x12 fiber MTP configuration.   Diagrams of the possible configurations and migration paths, as well as a helpful white paper, "Are you Re...
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  • How to determine which fiber stripper or buffer remover you need

    How to determine which fiber stripper or buffer remover you need to strip your fiber:   Leviton offers two tools appropriate for stripping individual fiber strands: 49886-BR2 (yellow handle) and 49886-BR9 (red h...
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  • How Much Can I Fill my Fiber Duct with Cable?

    Here is a helpful chart to help you decide how much to fill your fiber duct and remain within standards   Fiber Duct Cable Fill Rates for Plug and Play Pre-terminated Fiber Trunk Cables   Duct Size Inche...
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  • What type of terminated fiber should I use, Factory vs Field Terminated?

    Factory Terminated vs. DIY Terminated Patch Cord Cable   “Which is the best to use: factory terminated or DIY cable?” one may say that factory terminated cable because it is cheaper or DIY because th...
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  • VF45 Connector?

    Does Leviton carry the VF45 fiber connector?
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  • "Core" & "Edge" fiber cassettes

    Why does Leviton have "core" and "edge" fiber cassettes?
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