• How many speakers on the 70V mixing amplifier 41920-A70?

    How many 70V speakers can I run off the 41920-A70 mixing audio amplifier?
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  • Cat 6A RJ45 Plug?

    Does Leviton offer a field termination style RJ45 plug compatible with Cat 6A shielded?
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  • Category 8?

    Does Leviton offer a Cat 8 system? Whta is the benefit over Cat 6A?
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  • Powering the 41920-HRC

    When using the 41920-HRC autoswitching wallplate with the 41910-HTR HDBaseT receiver, can you power the system from the wallplate side, or only from the receiver side?
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  • Will the 41910-H00 support 4K?

    Will the 41910-H00 support 4K? If so, at what distance?
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  • 4S089 and ceiling bracket 49223-CBC?

    Can you tell me if the 49223-CBC bracket is compatible with the 4S089-2WP extended depth surface mount box?
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  • Does Leviton offer cat5E patch cables plenum or riser rated?

    Cat5E patch cords can be special ordered as Plenum or Riser rated. Please contact customer service for more information. 1-800-722-2082
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  • How to test 6A 110 Block 41D6A-1F4?

    Does Leviton offer a patch cord that goes from Cat 6A 110 - RJ45?
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  • Shielded copper trunk in DIN surface box?

    I need to bring a shielded Cat 6 copper trunk in to the 41089-6DN. Will this work?
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  • 110-RJ45 Patch cords?

    Do you offer 110-RJ45 patch cords for your Cat 6 or Cat 6A 110 blocks, for testing?
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  • Duraport cables and housings - outdoor use?

    Can we use the Duraport solution in an area outdoors, near a beach, that will be open to weather/rain/sand, etc?
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  • Re-terminating Atlas Jacks

    How many times can Atlas jacks be re-terminated?
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  • 6A jacks in high density panel?

    Do 6A jacks fit in the 1RU 48 port Quickport die-cast panels? Such as 49255-D48
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  • Secure RJ and Duraport?

    Can you use a Secure RJ port blocker to lock out a jack installed in a Duraport faceplate?
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  • Rear managers on E2X4F-192

    How many rear managers will fit on the E2X4F-192?
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  • Autoswitching Wallplate 41920-HRC

    Does auto switching wall plate require battery to retain memory?
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  • 8-button control panel wall plate - back lights?

    How do you know what source the wall plate is on since the lights on the 8 button control do not stay back lit?
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  • What does the "source/auto" button do on the auto-switching wall plate?

    What is the button on the wall plate for on the left hand side middle? Does it light up? (The source/auto button?)
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  • HDMI run length over 15'?

    Why does Leviton not offer HDMI cabling over 15' length?
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  • Autoswitching wallplate without keypad?

    Can customer use auto switching wall plate 41920-HRC without keypad 41920-cp8 installation? Will it work autonomous of keypad?
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