Leviton no longer offers either of the two intercom system included in the 2011 catalog. The product line of both the OPHERA video entry system and the Audio Intercom system will be phased out through out the 2011 bus...
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  • What is the door strike module used for?

    This unit has dry contacts that allow you to remotely open or close a gate or door that is equipped with a strike plate.
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  • Can you have more than one door chime installed with the intercom system?

    No only one chime module can be installed at a time they automatically are connected to zone one.
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  • Am I able to call a specific zone on the intercom system?

    Yes each zone is assigned a number that will allow you to call directly to it from any phone in your house by pressing a specified key sequence.
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  • How can I tell the difference between an incoming call and the intercom?

    Each zone on the intercom has a distinctive ring for example if someone is calling from zone 3 the phone will do 3 short rings then stops and does another 3 short rings.
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  • How does the intercom system work?

    The intercom system gets hooked up through the existing phone line system and communicates from phone to wall station.
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  • How many zones does the intercom system have?

    The intercom system can do a total of 4 zones with up to 3 wall stations in each zone.
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  • Answering Machine Auto Answer

    The delay is too short! Can I change the delay too like 8 ring cycle?
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  • How can I change my settings for the door strike in my intercom system?

    I want to use a different number to activate my door striker, ( like use the 5 key instead of the 0 key) how do I do this?
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  • Can I use a Leviton intercom system to talk to different rooms in my house?

    I have 8 rooms in my house and I want to be able to use an intercom system to communicate from one room to another, will the Leviton system work for me?
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