• Cheetah Insert Installation - Adjusting

    If the back box in the Cheetah system is not installed squarely, is there any way to adjust the insert so it may be squared?   Standard wiring devices have oval holes with captive screws so adjustments of this...
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  • Does the Cheetah system use special faceplates?

    The Cheetah Speed System is compatible with standard Decora faceplates. The system does use its own inserts and back boxes and  is not compatible with Decora style inserts.
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  • Do Decora Inserts work with the Cheetah system?

    No, Decora inserts do not work with the Cheeta system. The Cheeta system uses Decora Faceplates but requires Cheetah inserts and back box to be installed properly.
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  • Do Quickport connectors work with Cheeta face plates?

    Yes, the square knock outs in the Cheeta plates are the same size knock outs as all of the other leviton face plates.Any Quickport connector will work with the Cheeta system.
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