• Vizia RF+ Installer Tool and compatibility with Monster Illuminessence dimmers, RCS TZ43 thermostat and Intermatic CA9000 motion sensors.

    I have recently taken delivery of a VRUSB-1US Installer Stick, and downloaded version 1.0.4 of the Vizia RF+ installer software, which I used it to set up my partially completed ZWave network.  The network curren...
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  • Z-Wave Vizia RF 3+ Failure to Associate to RS232

    I have followed the instructions to a T to connect my Z-Wave locks to my HAI Omni Pro II. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I have even defaulted everything twice and started over. I am using a brand new V...
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  • Updating associations on controller

    What is the correct process for changing a controller association after deployment?  Example, want to change one of the buttons to be associated with another area.  Once I make the change in the installer to...
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  • Vizia RF+ Installer Tool on Parallels

    Anyone have success. I can get everything to discover but when i try and set the association of my yale lock to the VRC0P in the RS232 setup i get an error where it tells me that it "Failed setting the association on ...
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  • software wont recognize usb tool

    I just downloaded the software and installed it but it will not recognize the USB installer tool.  Any ideas?   PC shows it installed the driver ok but just shows up as HID device.   Thanks
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  • Vizia RF+ Installer Tool & VRCOP

    Can the VRC0P associations be programmed by using the RF+ Installer Tool? If so, what are the correct steps to accomplish it? Or, do I need to complete the VRC0P association programming with the VRCPG programmer/remot...
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  • Controlthink USB

    I just recived a Controlthink USB from one of my electrical supply house. They told me they had to order it from Leviton. I downloaded RF Installer tool and it does not allow me to connect. Am I doing something wron...
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  • Need ASCII Protocol for VRC0P-1LW

    Hello   I have to simulate a VRC0P-1LW. A Media control System send ASCII to a non existing VRC0P-1LW. I catch this infos and send the answer´s back. I get from the media control system: >N001L46<...
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  • How can I cause VRP03-1LW Z-Wave Lamp Module to go directly from on to off w/o dimming

    I have the VRP03 and have a device plugged into it that does not support being dimmed, the device requires power to be 100% on or 0% with no dimming.  I have tried defining a scene to acomplich this but each atte...
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  • Transfer to Remote....areas not coming through

    When transfering my setup to a Handheld ViziaRF B2.5.2 Zwave 2.06 the area information never comes through. It only transfers the setup information. I thought the idea here was to be able to create a network, save it,...
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  • Why doesn’t the Hop Count and Link Quality Function show the Link Quality?

    We are using the Vizia RF + Installer Tool v1.0.9.0 and the Hop Count and Link Quality Function shows N/A under the Link Quality. Why doesn’t it show Link Quality? See attached screen print. It would be useful i...
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  • Installer tool and Intermatic HA07?

    Has anyone been successful with integration of the installer tool and Intermatic's remotes?   Once a system has been programmed with the installer tool, the intermatic remotes are a very cheap alternative to Lev...
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  • Firmware

    How can I update the F/W in my VRF+ installer tool/does it need it?
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  • Unable to Sync TO My Vizia RF+ Remote

    Whenever I try to transfer data from ThinkEssentials on my computer to the Vizia RF+ Remote, I receive the error messages below. Any suggestions?   Error Messages: On TE: Syncing to remote. Error with send d...
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  • Can a Leviton VRS15 switch device be associated more then 5 times if some of the associations are to the same scene controller?

    We are using the ”find all uses” function on the Vizia RF installer tool to check the association of each device and found that some devices such as the Leviton VRS15 are associated 8 times to 4 scene cont...
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  • How is a defective node removed from the Vizia RF Network

    Replaced a defective Levition VRM10 and cannot remove or replace the defective node from the Vizia RF network. We are using the Vizia RF installer tool V with the Thinkstick Zwave USB Adapter and tried using t...
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  • Program a LEVVRCS4-MRZ with Installer Tool

    Hello,   I'm trying to program a LEVVRCS4-MRZ with the Installer tool and i'm having issues getting it to do anything.   I have included the switch successfully and I see it in the Installer Tool.   ...
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  • VRCPG-BSG acting strange - screen starts blinking

    I left my VRCPG-BSG sitting arund for a couple months and when I went to use it I pressed a button yto wke it up and the screen was blinking / flashing - alternating shades of blue. No button was able to stop it from ...
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  • Which should I get, the RF + Installer Tool or ThinkEssentials?

    I'm planning to install Vizia RF+ home automation products in my house along with Z-Wave products from other companies (thermostat, door locks, etc.).  I think I understand the difference between the RF+ Installe...
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  • Will a template function be available in the RF+ installer tool?

    I have used the template function in Think Essentials to load a standard configuration into multiple networks.  Will this function be available in the RF+ installer tool?  I like the diagnostics in the RF+ i...
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