• VRCS2-MRZ documentation

    Some functions of the  VRCS2-MRZ are not documented in the papers that ship with the product. For example, when a button on an included device is held down, the led begins flashing green. What does that mean? Als...
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  • dimmer levels fail to save when programming scene

    I just recently performed a full reset on a vizier rf+ installation.  Everything works except programming scenes.  When programming a scene on any controller (4, 2, or 1 button), the dimmer levels fail to sa...
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  • ControlThink ThinkEssentials v2.5

    Hi All,   looking to find the final version of ThinkEssentials v2.5 Beta (build2)   ThinkEssentials v2.5 Beta (build2) -- Attached - ControlThink Forums   can NOT find it anywhere online.   i'm...
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  • Is there beaming support in switches and dimmers yet?

    Is there a list anywhere of what modules/controllers and Leviton devices support beaming. Older posts go back to April '11, and I'm trying to find out if I'll need to purchase a VRP03-1LW plug in lamp control module i...
    last modified by Jonathan Dunlap
  • Will a VRF01-1LZ Switch Control A Natural Gas Fireplace Fan?

    I have a direct vent, natural gas fireplace.   The internal fireplace fans are controlled via a 115V switch on the wall independent of whether the flame is on or not.   Will a VRF01-1LZ (Scene Capable, Qu...
    last modified by Doug Fraser
  • VR106 Z-wave dimmers and LED bulbs

    I have several VR106 600w z-wave dimmers.  I want to replace the incandescent bulbs with LED's.  I did this in one room with a 3 way switch (remote switch has an led locator light) that powers 4 can lights.&...
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  • Zwave Controller

    VRCPG-0SG controller works but screen shows no characters is there a fix for this?
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  • Vizia RF Network Extreme Lag Time

    I have a 37 node system with a combination of door locks, thermostats and lamp modules. The door locks and thermostats worked great using a few lamp modules at "repeaters". I just added 15 lamp dimmers and even though...
    last modified by Randy Garcia
  • ViziaRF+ scene response times

    I have a 46 node ViziaRF+ lighting system installed including 15A switches, 600W dimmers, ELV dimmers and 15A receptacles + some 4-button scene controllers.  The house is only 1500 sq/ft.  When a scene is pr...
    last modified by Kent Oberlin
  • VRCS1 No Local Control, LED's working

    I have a VRCS1 that I'm trying to install to control our outside lights. I have power to the switch as I can get the LED's to function, but toggling the switch does not control the lights? I noticed on the instruction...
    last modified by Chris Straface
  • Help with Kwikset lock

    I need some help with getting a new Kwikset lock to work. I have two other locks which work fine. All controlled with a VRC0P. I can control them from a HAI system or directly using a terminal program on my laptop. Th...
    last modified by SJ Hart
  • Installer Tool V1.1.1.0 Available

    Installer Tool V1.1.1.0 is now available via www.leviton.com/rfinstaller.
  • Leviton 6312 lights light turn on/off only part of the week

    Hi i have a leviton 6312 the light switch that works the exterior lights on my house has a green lit light i have checked the programming and they are set to turn the lights on at 7pm and off at 6am they only do t...
    last modified by stephanie vogt
  • VRC0P+3 Schlage deadbolt support

    I have two Z wave Schlage BE369NX locks. I have added them to the Leviton Z Wave network and ran RS-232 setup successfully.   What are the ASCII command that I can send to the Schlage locks?   The locks a...
    last modified by Eli Yaron
  • VRCS4-MR local load control

    I have a VRCS4-MR that I cannot control the local load. I can hear the relay switch, but there is always line voltage at the switch terminal on the controller. I've attempted a factory reset and still the same results.
    last modified by cpaiged
  • Scene Controller and 3 Way Circuits

    I just moved into  new apt. and am transferrinf my Vizia RF+ gear from my previous home. I have a VRCZ4-MR Scene controller with load control and I want to place this at a location that is a 3-way circuit. I also...
    last modified by Mike Potts
  • pr180 causes light to blink when set to auto

    I installed the PR180 in our kitchen this weekend. The problem is that when set to the auto position the light blinks. It seems to stop after about 5 minutes. This is really annoying. Is this a bad switch?
    last modified by Josh McCann
  • Zones, Areas, Groups, Associaitons

    Can someone provide the "real" definitions and differences for the Z-Wave Terms: Zones Areas Groups Associaitons Seems like these terms are often trhown around and few people know what they really are.   In...
    last modified by jwilleke
  • Having trouble with VRCS2

    Hi, I am having trouble configuring the VRCS2 double control. I follow the programming procedure in order to include it into the remote control VRCPG following the regular procedure: 1. Pressing both buttons in order...
    last modified by Roberto Cadena
  • Yale with VRCOP+3,VRP03,VRZP15

    I am trying to install 3 x Yale Z Wave locks. I get one working just fine, any one, as long as it is close to the VRCOP. It is my understanding that the Yale VRP03 and VRZP15 should extend the network so all three lo...
    last modified by David Scott