• 7599 gfci problems

    Installed this.  Green light is on.  Test and reset won't reset.  No power.  Verified proper wiring - line vs load.  Only using gfci, no downstream load receptacles.  Could this be faulty...
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  • Wiring issues

    Just bought a T7299T switch.Connected power from box. I have power to the receptical but have no power to switch lead wires leading to vanity light. Checked all connections all are tight. Any suggestions?
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  • Replacing outdoor outlets with GFCI weather resistant

    Currently my outdoor outlets are not GFCI, but are downstream of ones in the house. If I replace them with GFCI weather resistant ones is that overkill?
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  • GFCI/Switch Combo plus switch

    I just purchased a 7729 GFCI combo switch/outlet. I'm replacing a switch/outlet combo and an additional switch (these are right new to eachother in the box). I'm having issues making everything work. This is what I ha...
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  • Need some help

    Okay, so i purchased the 7729 combo switch. i'm replacing a reg. switch/outlet combo and a light switch. Switch/outlet combe was for bathroom vent fan and outlet. light switch for the lights. In my box, i have 4 dif l...
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  • Slim series GFCI with back-wire holes

    Do you have a slim GFCI with expanded wiring options that has the back-wire holes?  This is the same feature that is in your 7599 products.
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  • A little confused

    I have recently reinstalled a 7599 GFCI It worked fine before but now the outlets on the gfci are dead but the downstreams work fine. Green led is on How can I solve this Reset works fine also
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  • Leviton GFCI cover

    Hi,   I would like to know wheather leviton manufactuers GFCI cover which can be locked?   Thanks,
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  • 20 amp GFCI keeps tripping even without a load.

    I installed a heated floor & was using a 15 amp Gfci but was fine until i energized the floor. So I purchased a 20amp GFCI do I need to use 12-2 wire for that even to test it.  The 20 amp keeps tripping after...
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  • Problems installing a gfci

    I installed a levitron 7599-ri GFCI to replace a standard 2 plug receptacle in my sailboat & the GFCI is not working. The Receptacle is the first outlet in-line and has 4 other standard receptacles after it. When...
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  • 36895-DIM application

    Is there any heat issue with putting multiple 36895-DIM in a locked cabinet?
  • 36895-DIM Panel mount dimmer GFCI

    When installing the 36895-DIM, can I go to 350 ft. if I use twisted pairs (#10) for the load wiring? I am facing this kind of a load wiring problem. Is there any other method to extend the load wiring length?
  • wiring help, replacing a switch

    My bathroom only has a light switch in it.  I would like to replace this switch with a switch & gfci outlet combo.  I purchased the T7299.  The first issue I see is that there isn't a ground cable i...
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  • Wiring problem

    I want to replace an old outlet, no ground with a GFCI. Pulled out the old to find 1 white wire and 2 black. Instruction sheet states not to it to more than 2 wires, not including the ground, which I don't have! Can I...
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  • Why do I need a Slim GFCI over a traditional GFCI?

    Why do I need a Slim GFCI over a traditional GFCI?
  • What’s the difference between internal and external backwire?

    What’s the difference between internal and external backwire?
  • What is the benefit of the reset lockout mechanism?

    What is the benefit of the reset lockout mechanism?
  • How does a more compact GFCI benefit the installer?

    How does a more compact GFCI benefit the installer?
  • indicator light- disable

    Is there a way to disable the indicator light on the leviton smortlockpro 20a tamper resistant gfci outlet (t7899-kw) for our off-grid solar aplication?  our 30 switches keep the inverter running at night.  ...
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  • switched GFCI

    I want to add a timer to control a Jacuzzi pump which must be GFCI protected. The GFCI is a duplex outlet style mounted under the tub skirt (not a load center GFCI). The pump plugs into the GFCI receptical. Is ther...
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