• Can I place additional GFCIs on multiple bathrooms on same 15A circuit that has one GFCI?

    My house was built around 1990. There are three bathrooms that have 4 outlets all at sinks and 2 outside outlets. All the outlets are on one 15A circuit. one of the baths upstream has the one GFCI protecting everythin...
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  • GFCI breaker install

    Just replaced a 20 amp GFCI outlet from LEVITON.  Test and reset buttons will not set. Also reading voltage with my light stick on both sides of the outlet.  Is this a bad outlet or possible bad circuit brea...
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  • unusual symptoms in new GFCI install

    I replaced an older GFCI outlet in a bathroom with a new Leviton model. I followed all instructions. When finished, I pressed the Test button it shut off itself and the other 3 downstream receptacles. Pressing Reset r...
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  • Class A GFCI 20A 2P 125V 60Hz 15A Recept (Spec Grade) - What does this mean?

    I purchased a Metro Vac Air Force Master Blaster blower for drying my automobile after washing.  This unit is rated at 18Amp when in full use.  I wanted to make sure I have a 20amp outlet to plug the unit in...
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  • Two kitchen circuits - one to bottom half of all outlets, the other to the top half

    In my kitchen, there are two 20 amp 120 volt circuits, each on its own circuit breaker.  But, instead of one circuit feeding some outlets and the other circuit feeding the other outlets, one of the circuits feeds...
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  • Need help with gfci/switch combo - only two wires coming into switch

    Hello- I need help wiring the Leviton light switch & gfci outlet combo (model # X7299-W). I am replacing a standard light switch and only have two visible wires coming into the box, a black and a white, nothing e...
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  • Need help with wiring x7299-w combo switch to a cable line with 2 wires

    I need help with correct wiring diagram for a X7299-W switch combination receptacle. the old device was a single switch controlling the bathroom ceiling light. I live in an older home, there is only 1 cable line conta...
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  • GFCI Resets when I turn light switch off

    Hi,   I just installed the GFCI.  When the light switch is in the ON position I hit reset and the light goes on.  Whey I turn the light switch OFF the GFCI trips.  If I try to reset with the light...
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  • New Replacement GFCI shows "Open Ground" on grounded 14-2 setup

    I just replaced a failed GFCI receptical which was on my Shed.  I had that installed about 10 years ago, and altough it is covered - it finally died when I cut the extension cord while mowing the lawn the other d...
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  • Why 15 amp for 20 amp circuit?

    What is the purpose of the 15 amp GFCI for a 20 amp circuit? I assume since it protects the load for the rest of the outlets that they too are now only 15 amp.   Thanks
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  • Sep. circuits on T7299 switch/GFCI combo

    I think I already know the answer, but I want to make certain:   With the switch/GFCI combo, can I run one circuit for the switch (controlling an overhead light) and a different circuit on the GFCI (line in and ...
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  • Need help converting to GFCI switch/outlet combo

    Hello I have been banging my head against a wall for a while and need some help installing a new GFCI switch/outlet combo. I am suing a Leviton x7299-W. In the picture below you will see two switches right next to eac...
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  • wiring problem

    hello, I am trying to install  a dimmer light switch 6633 . the problem is the wires in the outlet, I have a black, a ,white   and a bare copper in one wire coming into the box and there is a second wi...
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  • GFCI Device

    I recently installed a new GFCI device in a kitchen. It was wired per the Option B which involves 2 cables or four wires. The electrical box is grounded so I didn't install a separate grounding wire. It tests good but...
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  • Difference WR599 AND WT599?

      Difference WR599 AND WT599?
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  • Ground wiring for a GFCI outlet?

    I have a GFCI outlet that shows "Open Ground" using a tester (the ground light is actually flickering). I've tried tracing the line back to where the ground isn't connected/poorly connected, but unfortunately i can't ...
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  • Problem with GFCI Blankface 7590

    I am installinga bank of 8 GFCI blank gFCI receptacles at the home run end of an underground conduit. None of them pass current to the load. I swapped out one of them with a normal GFCI receptacle and it worked just f...
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  • T7299 - before installation

    I just purchased a combination switch - GFCI receptacle (17339-038 ZR 5).  I see that some sort of plastic is blocking the receptacle holes (where a plug's prongs would go).  Is that some sort of packing pla...
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  • GFCI 7599W Question?

    The 7599W GFCI works with just the line cables attached, but not when the two load lines (2 white and 2 black) are attached either both in the backwire holes or pigtailed and into one backwire hole each.  There i...
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  • T7299-T wiring for outlet constantly on?

    How can the T7299-T be wired so that the outlet is constantly on?  My intent was to put a night light in the outlet - but it makes no sense if the switch that turns the room light out also turns the night light off.
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