• IPSD6 dimming issue

    My dimmer turns the light all the way up then down to the preset level every time it comes on.  It's so irritating.  How do I fix this?
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  • dimmer wiring

    hello,   I bought a leviton true touch dimmer and a remote (a TT00R) and want to replace the switches in a 3-way circuit.   Let's call the powered switch that switches the hot too one of the travelers swit...
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  • just installed renu dimmer , led lights on but room lights dont work!!! help please!

    im pretty sure everything is wired correctly i put back old switch and works fine. but with the renu only the led's on the switch come on. whats wrong?
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  • VRI06-1LZ - Light always on. Dimmer does not turn off light

    Just installed VRI06-1LZ and when I turned the breaker back on the lights stays on. Pressing the dimmer does not turn it off. No other lights are on the dimmer.   Help?   Tom
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  • Leviton 3way dimmer #6643 only works with other switch in the up position

    I had (2) 3 way switches in my dining room.  They worked fine.   I replaced one of them witha 6643 dimmer.   Now the original 3 way switch acts as an on/off switch & the dimmer acts as a brightnes...
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  • Having trouble with ND6000-D20 getting DMX information

    I have hooked up the ND6000-D20 with an N3008-D console and 2 Lekos and we are not getting any DMX information sent through.  I have tried the console with another dimmer and it worked and I tried other consoles ...
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  • Using an NRD 8000 with Mark X Ballast

    I am trying to set up 2 zones of Dimmable Mark 10 (X) Ballasts using 2 channels of an NRD 8000.  - Zone 1 will have 6 ballasts in 6 fixtures using 32w T8 lamps.  Total Wattage: 384w - Zone 2 will have 8 b...
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  • Will a 6633 dimmer work on LED bulbs or not?

    I bought a 6633 dimmer. On the green insert in the packaging it says it is good for Incandescent, Halogen and LED bulbs (no mention of CFL's) and I want an LED dimmer. Looks great but when I opened the package and rea...
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  • Slide Dimmer Installation Help Needed

    I removed the old light switch, it had 3 black wires running from the outlet box on the wall.  One from the base of the outlet box, two from the top of the outlet box.  I installed the dimmer No. 6633-PL as ...
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  • VRI06-1LZ help

    I bought a VRI06-1LZ zwave dimmer for a 3 way location. I have tried to hookit up following the instructions but it doesn't seem to work correctly. Do you really have to have a matching coordinating  dimmer/switc...
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  • Rotary dimmer knob extends excessively.

    The rotary dimmer knob extends excessively from the wall plate.  Is there a way to recess the post that holds the knob?  Thanks.
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  • Replacing dimmer - wires don't match

    I have a Leviton Decora 6633 dimmer that I'm trying to install.   The existing dimmer switch controls a single ceiling lamp, and has two black wires comimg out of it. These wires are connected to one black and o...
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  • not dimming

    So when my old dimmer(been in place for years) stopped dimming and became an off on switch I put in a new #6684. But it is a swith too. It will not dim the light. Why? Bill
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  • One Hot Switch

    My three way dimmer #6683 seems to get very hot.  I have one three way dimmer and one normal (on/off) three way switch. Both work.  6 - 60 watt can lights on the pair of swithches.  Did I wire it wrong ...
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  • Old 4-way to Decora True Touch Question

    I am replacing existing switches with new True Touch dimmers. I have a 4-way switch (3-location) that I am not exactly sure how to wire. There are two 3-way switches and a 4-way switch in place now. The two 3 way s...
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  • DMDMX-MD5 Problem

    Hi,   I'm electronic technician and i'm working on a MDMX-MD5.   The unit starts to have problem a couple week ago. When I went to the venue, the dimmer stop turning on after a while.  I found an inf...
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  • Dimming Videssence light K220-455BX, using Leviton D4DMX-MD5

    I have a couple fluorescent Videssence lights, model: K220-455BX and I also have Leviton Dimmers, model: D4DMX-MD5. I want to be able to use my dimmers with my fluorescent lights. When I connect them together, it all ...
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  • D4DMX-d5 problems

    Have 7 d4dmx dimmer packs that work perfect! Added 3 d4dmx-d5 packs - and have trouble, with just the -d5 units.   The first channel on each of the d5 packs in a constant on -- even when the pack is turned off....
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  • Macro Dimmer System

    I have a Macro Dimmer system the controller is a 6 channel 4 preset unit the presets are working as follows instead of to the dimmer slides when I press Preset 1 the Maxium Light come on as though it was what I pr...
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  • Looking for info on DCI 30560-120BKR14

    I need info on the MACRO Controller...     What to use to replace existing and or can i get the same thing
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