• Why does it pop on first activation?

    I have purchased 2 Leviton dimmers recently. Both went into LED lighting, one with 7 75W equivalent and the other with 2 60W equivalent lights. Both times when I first turned on the lights there was a pop. It was a mo...
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  • 600w dimmer no longer dims, only works in on-off mode

    I have a 600w dimmer that is tied into two other dimmers that control 8 lights in the kitchen. I have LED lights in all lights as the old dimmer used to get hot when I used 8-65w incandescent bulbs. I made the switch&...
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  • VRI06-1LZ 4 way connection with 2 VP00R-10 switches

    Hello, I am trying to connect a VRI06-1LZ in a 4-way configuration using 2 VP00R-10 switches. I followed the instructions in the VP00R-10 manual for how to make a connection for 3-way application but couldn't find an...
    last modified by Vinod Shenoy
  • Orange Indicator Light Flicker - Leviton 6631-LW SureSlide 600W Incandescent Slide Dimmer

    Any thoughts or ideas as to what conditions might cause the orange indicator light to "flicker" when the dimmer switch is in the off position?  Is this normal or expected?  The flickering is inconsistent and...
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  • LTB timers

    Will LTB timers work with halogen lamps?
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  • line

    Is it possible to install a VPT24 dimmer as a switch and not as the connection between line and load. In other words I am trying to add the timer in the existing switch only box????
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  • Slide Dimmer 6672

    Installed 2 slide dimmers 6672 - they are being used to dim LED round ( puck ) lights in cabinets. Neither works as a normal dimmer, ie., slowly dims as slider goes downward. Instead there is almost no dimming until ...
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  • TBL03 Minimum Load?

    What is the minimum load for the TBL03 dimmer?   G
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  • VPE04, Minimum Load

    What is the minimum load for the VPE04-1LZ dimmer? G
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  • Install Leviton Decora sureslide Low Voltage Dimmer 6615-P

    I'm having trouble with the connections 6615-P, Low voltage dimmer, single pole installation. The box has one black, one white, one green but no red or second black.  I attached the 6615-P green, black, and white...
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  • What is the minimum load of the 6672 dimmer?

    What is the minimum load of the 6672 dimmer?
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  • Part Number Difference? IPI06-1Lx

    What is the difference between an IPI06-1LM and IPI06-1LZ?
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  • Installing a 6602-IW single pole rotary dimmer without ground wire?

    I purchased a 6602-IW single pole rotary dimmer to replace a wall light switch. According to the installation instructions, the green wire needs to be grounded. When I took the switch out I discovered that there is no...
    last modified by Hans Malissa
  • Three way dimming with an occupancy switch

    I have two overhead cans in a kitchen with (2) Cree 65 watt equivalent (9.5w) LED floods.   At present, they are controlled by (1) old dimmer switch (20 years old) but it is working without any flashing.   ...
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  • lamp dimmer TBL03

    Can I cut the plug off the dimmer and direct wire inline to the lamp?
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  • AWSMG-IDW dimmer switch traveler not getting enough voltage?

    Currently I'm trying to install the AWSMG-IDW switch.  The switch is built for 3 way incandescent lighting.  I have a very good understanding on how 3 way lighting works and have done it hundreds of times bu...
    last modified by Nisan Vue
  • Can I use a Leviton 6628 dual dimmer switch for my bathroom light and exhaust fan?  It appears both sets of wires are led into the switchbox.

    I am wanting to use a dimmer switch to control the lighting level and exhaust fan in my small bathroom.  Can the Leviton 6628 dual dimmer be used for this purpose?  It appears I have two sets of wires going ...
    last modified by Rodney Bauer
  • SureSlide 6674 doesn't dim anymore

    Hi.   I have one that 6674, and it was working just fine. I had to rewire the lights, all work done downstream of the switch. Once I was done with the work, and turned the power on, the switch portion of the dim...
    last modified by Pawel Veselov
  • 6693 illuminated dimmer problem

    THe orange light doesn't come on when the dimmer is in the off position.   there are 2 switches that turn on the light I want to dim.  So I replaced one of them with this dimmer.   6693 has red, blac...
    last modified by Jeff Kicska
  • Dimmers, matching, coordinating...I need help understanding and wiring.

    I now have several VP106, VP00R-1L, and VP00R0-10.  Im trying to wire a simple 3 way location.  The three way switch in this box has a red, two blacks, and a ground going to the switch.  One is labeled ...
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