• Programmable Timer VPT24 3-Way Installation

    When I use VPT24 in a 3-way installation, can I still use the regular 3-way switch for the other switch? Thanks in advance! Tom
    created by Tommy Chao
  • Can AFCI outlets be used on the two wire circuits found in older homes?

    Yes, AFCI outlets can be used in older homes that contain two wire circuits.
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  • Hospital Grade AFCI Duplex

    We are excited to announce our new, Industry Exclusive Hospital Grade AFCI Duplex Receptacle! The SmartlockPro Outlet Branch Circuit AFCI from Leviton helps to reduce the likelihood of a fire from damaged or faulty el...
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  • 4 wire wiring

    Can a AFCi be used with 4 wire wiring Black,Red, White & ground
    created by Mike Malinowski
  • When to break the brass tab on 5252

    I installed a 5252 in an box with two black and two white wires. According to the instructions in the carton you are supposed to break the tab between the two brass screws and leave the one between the silver screws i...
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  • How many outlets are protected downstream from an AFCI outlet?

    All OBC AFCI outlets are rated as 20A feed-through.  This means they can protect all outlets on both 15A and 20A branch circuits.
    created by Eric Cohen
  • Can the same neutral wire be used for the installation of more than one AFCI outlet?

    While OBC AFCI outlets can work with a shared neutral on the line side, please refer to specific code requirements regarding acceptable methods for feeding an AFCI outlet.  If you are unfamiliar with the function...
    created by Eric Cohen
  • Can an AFCI outlet and a GFCI outlet be used on the same circuit?

    Yes, they both can be used on the same circuit.
    created by Eric Cohen
  • Where can AFCI outlets be purchased?

    The AFCI outlets are available through electrical distributors, retail and online merchants. Visit www.leviton.com and click “where to buy” for more information.
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  • Does the AFCI outlet require a neutral wire to work?

    Yes, all outlets require a neutral wire to work.
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  • Why would I use AFCI outlet instead of breaker?

    The AFCI outlet can be a great alternative depending on the circumstance. AFCI outlets work with any type of wiring and are not dependent on the type of breaker in the panel. They are also easily accessible and have a...
    created by Eric Cohen
  • Are Leviton AFCI outlets UL listed?

    Yes, all Leviton AFCI outlets meet UL Standard 1699A (Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupters, Outlet Branch Circuit Type) for AFCI and meet UL Standard 498 for outlet.
    created by Eric Cohen
  • Are AFCI outlets required by the electric code?

    The NEC provides options for using either combination type AFCI breakers or OBC AFCI outlets, or receptacles.  For more information on code requirements go to www.leviton.com/afci.
    created by Eric Cohen
  • What is a combination type AFCI?

    This is an AFCI that protects against both series and parallel arcing.  Current editions of the NEC® require that when using an AFCI breaker it must be a combination type.
    created by Eric Cohen
  • Are AFCI outlets tamper-resistant?

    Leviton AFCI outlets are tamper-resistant to meet the latest National Electrical Code® child safety requirements.  The shutter mechanism inside the outlet blocks access to the contacts unless a two-pronged pl...
    created by Eric Cohen
  • What’s the difference between an AFCI breaker and an AFCI outlet?

    An AFCI breaker is located in the service panel and when tripped, requires the user to reset the breaker at the panel.  An AFCI outlet replaces a standard outlet and when tripped, requires the user to reset by pr...
    created by Eric Cohen
  • How do I know where the first outlet in the branch circuit is?

    Unless you are familiar with your home’s wiring, contact an electrician.  If you are comfortable with replacing receptacles, to begin, TURN THE BREAKER OFF.  Remove the outlet that you believe is the m...
    created by Eric Cohen
  • Does every outlet in my home have to be an AFCI?

    No, every outlet doesn’t need to be an AFCI. All AFCIs provide “feed-through” protection, which means they provide protection for all wiring and extensions attached to the load side.  If an AFCI...
    created by Eric Cohen
  • What is the difference between an AFCI outlet and a GFCI outlet?

    The function of a GFCI is to directly protect people from the potentially fatal hazards of electric shock that could occur if parts of an electrical appliance or tool they are using become energized due to a ground fa...
    created by Eric Cohen
  • Does an AFCI outlet provide GFCI protection?

    No, an AFCI outlet provides protection against arc-faults. A GFCI outlet provides protection against ground faults. However, they can be used together on the same circuit.
    created by Eric Cohen