• T5225 Wiring

    I want to wire a T5225 combo switch/outlet in the middle of a run , and wire the switch only to a light and the outlet to have constant power. Can you diagram?
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  • Anywhere Switch at end of line

    I am trying to install an anywhere switch (6696) at the end of a line. I therefore have one cable entering the box with black, white and a ground wire. Is this possible with this switch? Thank you, Damien
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  • 3 way pilot light no neutral wire

    I am looking to install a 5638-2W or 5639-2W in place of the existing 3 way switch that controls my garage lights from inside the house, so that I can see if someone has left the garage lights on without actually havi...
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  • Leviton 1081-W

    I have a question concerning the low voltage switch #1081. I teach lighting controls classes and I use this particular switch. My question is "Does putting 120volts AC through this switch, cause damage to the contacts...
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  • 86678-1W

    Hello,   Can anyone tell me what size box they are putting the above switch in?  I can only find where it lists the size of the switch as 5.4 x 5.1 x 3.9 inches.  Anyone who has experience with this sw...
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  • Anywhere switch

    I just recently purchased an other Anywhere Switch Kit.  The first time, I was able to purchase a second transmitter as the room I was using this for had two entries.  However, when I purchased my latest one...
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  • Decora Dual Toggle Switch

    Does Leviton still make a Decora-style Dual Single-pole TOGGLE - not Rocker - switch in White (see image below)?  The 5634-W used to be 2 Toggles but now appears to be a 2 Rocker item.  
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  • Wiring 5225 middle-of-run...

    I want to wire a 5225 switch/receptacle combo in the middle of a run with the switch controlling just the outlet. I've installed plenty of plain outlets, but this one is a bit confusing-- and I'm getting different ans...
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  • Why are 2 terminal screws on CS415 4-way toggle switches black?

    Is there more than one correct way to connect the travelers from the 3-way switches to the terminals on 4-way switches? I'm confused by the 2 black screws on one end of the 4-way, and the use of 2-wire cables. Does th...
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  • 6696 RF switch

    the description states that this is a 3 way light switch.  I am confused if that refers to the fact that there is a second switch or that there is an actual SPDT built into the wiring or if that is because there ...
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  • Combination Two Switches

    I want to replace a single switch with a dual switch.  I purchased a leviton 5224 but when I looked at the instructions it stated that it could not be used to replace a switch with only two black wires present.Is...
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  • Will the light on the 1223 plr come on on the two 3 ways (diagram attached) when the load is turned from any of the three switches?

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  • "anywhere switch Kit"

    can a 2nd wireless transmitter be added to the anywhere switchkit?   ie buy 2 kits and use one transmitter from each kit to control one receiver
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  • Looking for instructions for the MONET mn00c 6 scene controller

    We just purchased a house where the previous owner installed two monet 6 scene controllers in the kitchen area. The controllers work with the kitchen cabinet lighting (above below and in the cabinets) as well as the c...
    last modified by Michael Conniff
  • Leviton T7299

    I need to power the switch for a T2799 GFCI combination switch and receptacle. The power is connected and the GFCI indicater light is on and the switch leads are connected to the two black leads that are preconnected ...
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  • Decora Double Black 3way switch

    Hi, I'm looking for a couple of double switch on black color both switchs must be 3way, I can't find it on the catalog can someone give me part number ?.... by the way also need the diagram to connect a light to thes...
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  • Wiring a Leviton 5225W

    I'm replacing a 3-way switch controlling lights with a Leviton 5225-W 15A CMBO SW/REC.  The existing switch is in a 3-way circuit.  The intent is to retain that original switch function but add an unswitched...
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  • Stores sell 5611-2IS how is it different from 5611-2I?

    Hi,   Leviton switch 5611-2I description meets my needs. But several retailers list 5611-2IS with a similar description but a different UPC. I can't find any mention of 5611-2IS or its UPC on the Leviton website...
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  • Light on 5226 switch

    It seems that the light is always on on my switch.  That is the switch properly turns on/off the device the switch is supposed to control.  However the red light is always on.  It seems to indicat that ...
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  • Replacing an old switch

    I was able to get ahold of an old 1950s table fan that was not in working condtion.  After getting the motor working again, I noticed the old switch was broken as well.  It was a Leviton 3A-120v rotary switc...
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